• What are the requirements to watch DivyavaniTV Live through internet?
    • 1. High Speed Internet (1000kbps or 1Mbps download speed)

      2. Latest Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari)

      3. Latest Adobe Flash Player Installed (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)

      4. Latest Operating System preferred (PC: Windows XP or later, Mac: Mac OS X, Linux: Latest)

      5. Make sure pop-up for Divyavani Television (www.divyavani.tv) is allowed.

      6. JavaScript is allowed on your browser.

  • How can I check my internet speed?
    • Please visit http://www.speedtest.net/ and click begin test. You will get results in few seconds. We are broadcasting our Internet TV at 600kbps speed. If you are below that speed, you may face buffering. As mentioned above, you need a minimum of 1000kbps/1Mbps internet speed in order to watch video without interference.

  • I saw too much buffering on the Divyavani TV Stream. Why do I face this issue?
    • There could be several reasons as to why the stream is buffering for you. There is a very high chance that there is no problem at the server end. Therefore, it is always better to start troubleshooting at your end. Ensure that no processes that require too much CPU or Disc performance are running on your system. Typically in slower systems, a background Antivirus Scan is running or too many open applications can cause video and audio performance degrades. Divyavani TV video stream has to buffer (store data) into your system to work, and the faster it buffers, the faster you see it without breaks or blank screens.
      Another possibility is that even if your system is fine, your link could be congested. If you have other streaming sites (windows media streaming and flash video streaming) which are working fine, then this might not be the issue. For link issues you might need to get in touch with your ISP and also, you can use bandwidth check utilities like www.speedtest.net to check your net speed. Speed test gives you the speed, not the quality of your link, which is important when you need to view streaming content through the web. Most of the time, the buffering is caused due to your low internet speed.

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